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Lifting Equipment, Lifting Gear and Lifting Tackle

Lifting Equipment, Lifting Gear and Lifting Tackle is also known as: Lifting Accessories, Industrial Lifitng Equipment, Heavy Lifting Equipment, Crane Lifting Equipment & Material Handling Equipment.


Beam Clamps

Beam Trolleys

Chain Blocks

Chain Slings


Drum Handling

Electric Chain Hoists

Eyebolts & Lifting Eyes

Forklift Attachments


Hydraulic Lifting Equipment

Lifting Clamps for use with Steel

Lifting Hooks

Lifting Magnets

Load Cells

Load Moving Skates

Manhole Lifting Pins

Material Handling


Mobile & Fixed Gantries

Ratchet Lever Hoists


Snatch Blocks

Web Slings and Round Slings
Wire Rope Pulling Machine

Wire Rope Slings


Liftsafe Solutions Ltd are Lifting Equipment, Lifting Gear and Lifting Tackle Suppliers based in Lincolnshire UK. Providing Lifting Equipment, Lifting Gear and Lifting Tackle from some of the leading manufacturers within the industry offering ranges from Tiger, GT, LiftinGear, Hackett`s, Unitex, MillerWeb, Top-Tec, ActionRam and many more. Liftsafe Solutions Ltd standard range of Lifting Equipment, Lifting Gear and Lifting Tackle is available to buy online direct or contact our sales team for details on a full range of products, Lifting Equipment, Lifting Gear and Lifting Tackle Solutions, Specialist Lifting Equipment or Lifting Equipment Systems.

As a supplier of Lifting Equipment and Lifting Gear we stride to ensure that all our Lifting Equipment and Lifting Gear is supplied the relevant documentation to meet with the latest legislation. All Lifting Equipment and Lifting Gear is always clearly marked with its identification number and safe working load.


Users of Lifting Equipment and Lifting Gear need to comply with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 which are widely known as the LOLER Regulations. A simple guide to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations is available from the HSE. Liftsafe Solutions Ltd provide Lifting Equipment and Lifting Gear Inspection and Examinations, contact us now for details to ensure your equipment is inspected incompliance to the LOLER Regulations.


Always ensure your Lifting Equipment and Lifting Gear is examined within the requirement of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations to ensure you meet with your legal obligation. Always ensure Lifting Equipment is in good conditions and is clearly marked with its identifications number and safe working load and is traceable to all relevant documentation. Never Use Lifting Equipment and Lifitng Gear which is damaged or has not been serviced in accordance to manufacturer’s recommendations and inspected in accordance current legislation. Please contact us for further advice or information on Lifting Equipment and Lifting Gear Inspection and Examinations.


If you are unsure what type of Lifting Equipment, Lifting Gear or Lifting Tackle you require for your lifting application please do not hesitate in contact us for further assistance in choosing the correct type of Lifting Equipment and Lifting Gear to meet with your requirements.

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Not all the products available are on our web site -If you dont see the product you require, let our sales team find it for you by emailing them now! sales@liftsafesolutions.co.uk