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A range of lifting magnets which provide lifting, handling and transportation solutions for flat and round ferrous materials. Each lifting magnet has is own unique purpose and can provide an effective method of moving magnetic materials.

Offering a range of lifting magnets availble to buy on-line, finding the lifting magnet to suit your application is made easy. Looking for a cost effective lifting magnet then the Elicpse Ultralift LM is the ideal permanent lifting magnet or if the latest patented safety features are what you need then the Ultralift Plus is perfect for the job. Move and lift those thins plates effortless with the Eclipse TP lifting magnet range.

Cant find the lifting magnet for your job then contact us directly and let us find the magnet you require. We have access to a large range of lifting magnets suitable for lifting and moving various material types, sizes, shapes and thicknesses. As well as permanent lifting magnets we can also offer electro-permanent magnets and battery magnets.

Eclipse Ultalift LM

Eclipse Ultralift Plus

Eclipse Ultralift TP


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What are Permanent Lifting Magnets?

Permanent lifting magnets provide an indefinite magnetic power source, this magnetic power is turned on and off manually by an mechanical lever so permanent lifting magnets require no external power source. These self contained lifting magnets  can be used virtually anywhere. 

Permanent lifting magnets are sensative to air gaps, this is the gap between the load and lifter. When the air gap increases the magnetic power  decreases which considerably effects the lifting magnets ability to lift materials with a rough or uneven surfaces. Permanent lifting magnets are easy to operate but are usually used individually as each magnet has to be operated independently and have no option to be remotely operate away from the load. 

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Not all the products available are on our web site -If you dont see the product you require, let our sales team find it for you by emailing them now! sales@liftsafesolutions.co.uk