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Hand Pallet Trucks

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Pfaff Ecoline Pallet Truck

The Pfaff-Silberblau Standard Hand Pallet Trucks

Capacity: 2500kg

The Pfaff-Silberblau employs the utmost in
efficiency featuring a fork carrying width of 540 mm and a fork length of 1150 mm in the trouble free transport from standard europallets. Extremely easy pumping movement permits the lifting of loads up to 2500 kg with the minimum of exertion. A highly stable, maintenance free construction coupled with a functional design complements the Pfaff-Silberblau standard hand pallet trucks. The height of quality and modern ergonomics join together with a very inexpensive price.

Type Outside
Fork Width 
Fork Length
Weight Price  Buy Online
Standard forks 540mm 1150mm 115mm 79kg £417.00

Wide Forks  685mm 1150mm 115mm 88kg £426.00

Pfaff Hi-Lift Pallet Truck

The Pfaff-Silberblau HU 10-XP, High Lift Hand Pallet Truck

Capacity: 1000kg

Versatile product for workshop or production areas.

Features include:                  

• Low apron height giving optimum load safety and
operator vision.

• Quick lift: 23 strokes to reach full 80mm height

• High Line ‘Comfort’ option offers electric lift with 12v pump.

Type Outside
Fork Width 
Fork Length
Weight Price  Buy Online
Standard forks 540mm 1170mm 115mm 127kg £656.00

Pfaff Electric Hand Pallet Truck
Pfaff Electric Pallet Truck Battery

The Pfaff-Silberblau EGU Electric Hand Pallet Truck

Capacity: 1500kgs - 2000kg

Multi-purpose, economical range of electric pallet trucks for professional lifting tasks up to 2000kgs. These units are robustly constructed, comfortable to drive and steer and can operate in tight spaces given their compact housing chassis.

Features include: -

• Pressure control valve protects against overload.

• Polyurethane tandem load wheels ensure smooth running.

• All units come complete with battery and charger.

• EGU 20L is the ‘heavy duty’ unit and comes complete with 2 x 12v 157Ah batteries and charger to suit.

• EGU 15P and 20N are complete with 2 x 12v 90Ah batteries and charger to suit.

SWL Outside
Fork Width 
Fork Length


Price  Buy Online


 550mm 1150mm 200mm 203kg £5150.00

 550mm 1150mm 200mm 520kg £10549.00


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